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Self-Inventory Approach To Healthy Blended Family Living

“This book is truly a life changer. Summer makes you have some of the most honest conversations with yourself ever. This is a book that will make you step back and look at you first. Incredible book that will help countless people and families.”


“This book is absolutely amazing. As a step mom to 2, and 2 more we have together, I kept thinking, “I wish I had this earlier in my marriage.” Summer is real, and real is what we need more of. Her tone is non-condemning and filled with grace. The tools you will get from this book are priceless & I can’t wait to share this with other blended families!”


“This book is authentic in every aspect. The author is real and raw and it is clear that God is speaking through her. It is a realistic tool for the blended fam and provoked other reflective thoughts in me than just the blended family topic. I couldn’t recommend this book more!”